At Capture HD Media we constantly get asked if we can make videos? Sure we can, but what do you want to accomplish with this marketing tool?

Will it fit into your marketing strategy, play out in tandem with your brand strategy and what is the objective? “Everyone else is doing it” – not a recipe for success!

Creating a video as part of your marketing strategy is more than conceptualising a viral idea, pointing a camera, uploading it to YouTube and waiting for the sales numbers to rise.

Before you even start worrying about writing your script or what kind of equipment you will need, you must establish what you want to accomplish with your video.

Business Reasons To Make A Well-Executed Video

Research shows what can be achieved when video marketing is added to the mix.

• Brand revenue growth – nearly 50%
• Organic traffic increase – more than 150%
• Purchase intend growth – nearly 100%


Impressive Numbers, But What Is Your True Objective?

• Do you want to introduce yourself and/or your business to prospective clients?
• Do you want to show people how to do something that your business has a solution for?
• Do you want to demonstrate how a product or service works?
• Do you want to explain or educate with a step-by-step process?
• Do you want to share some of your customer success stories?
• Do you want to promote an upcoming event?

Video Is Not An Isolated Marketing Tool

Once you have clarity about your video marketing objective with your end goal in mind, work backwards and create the promotion path for the role you want your video to play in your brand story.

• Where will the video live? On your website, on a third-party website?
• Where will you share it to reach your target market?
• How is it integrated in your marketing plan?

Whether the measure of success is awareness, leads or another goal, every video you create should have a defined purpose as part of your brand’s bigger picture.

As your vital video partner, Capture HD Media does not expect you to have an entire video marketing strategy mapped out before you call us, but you must at least know what the purpose of creating the video is. We can certainly help with all the rest.

We want to be part of the growth and development of your brand. After all, you are investing in your brand and your success is our achievement.

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