A video for every buying phase

If you have a business, you are aware of the buyer cycle and everything you have ever heard about it, is most probably true. Potential customers enter this cycle with the research stage when they have large appetites for information gathering and attention spans are still long. They research to get the full picture, to unravel the positives and the negatives of what is on offer – be that a service or a product.

The potential buyer needs to be made aware, guided through the exploration phase, be helped to consider the options and then nudged into deciding.

The buyers therefore dictate how and when you can market your product to them.

Video marketing is crucial

Information is readily available online and your competitors are “working” the same process as you. Your timeframe to reach and impress customers during the buyer cycle is competitive and relatively short.

The video marketing tool can play a crucial role here, providing easily consumed information, addressing the pain points at each phase of the path to purchase.

If you can get your message across in a reliable and somewhat more entertaining manner than just text, why would you think twice about using this tool?

Video content to attract, nurture and hook the buyer

1. Awareness Video

At this stage, the prospective buyer may or may not know they have a problem your solution can solve. They may not even know your type of service or product exist.

The purpose of this video is to trigger the need for your product or service or to solve an existing pain point or problem the prospect could have. You are building customer confidence – not selling.

Awareness video examples:

  • Branding Video: Share your company values and promise. Get creative. Touch on your services and products. The viewer must consider this: “I think I can benefit from something like this!”
  • Company Introduction Video: Identify the possible pain points and offer the solution. Spend time on why your company does what it does and why it’s so good at it. Clearly articulate your offering in detail without being boring. This is still the awareness phase, so you are not selling, but your prospects can start associating with you because you are helping to spot the pain points they are facing.
  • Educational Video: Educate about common challenges and position yourself or your company as the expert for the solution.

2. Scouting Video

At this stage of the buying cycle, your prospects have become aware of their problem and are focused on starting to look for a solution. They will review different types of solutions until they are confident that a specific solution will bring about a positive ROI.

Scouting video examples:

  • Explainer Video: Time to show and not just tell. Show how you solved problems – use real solutions and statistics.
  • Thought Leadership Video: Time to shine – you know what you are doing, put a face to the expert advice. Interviews work well – prospects expect honest, authentic expertise and an interview-style video can meet these expectations.

3. Deliberation Video

On the way to this phase, your prospect has come across several brands – including yours. Now you need to strengthen the preference for your company.

Deliberation video examples:

  • Case Study Video: According to eMarketer, 72% percent of B2B buyers report these videos as the most valuable piece of content during the decision-making process. You are affectively using the power of storytelling to prove your efficacy and experience. Use music, stir the emotion.
  • Company Culture Video: People buy from people… even in the digital world we live in. People don’t hire companies, they hire people – especially in the B2B service. A company culture video is all about setting the right expectations. Unlike a branding video, where the purpose is to demonstrate your brand’s values, this video is meant to demonstrate the values of the people behind the brand.

4. Decision Video

The last phase of the buying cycle is where you need to use video to remove the final barriers and convert your prospect into a customer. Answer this question: What does your prospect need at this final stage?

Decision video examples:

  • Testimonial Video: Credibility is earned when you allow your customer to speak openly – this is what will resonate with your prospect in the final stage of the buyer journey.
  • How-to Video: Pre-empt questions your potential customer may have and clarify the process of doing business with you or using your product.

Hook the buyer and keep them watching with these powerful video marketing strategies. It is easier than you think – we have the expertise, the technical know-how and the passion to help you.

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