We’ve all heard the old saying about working smarter not harder. Nobody sets out to work harder, that would be ridiculous, right?

In the real estate world, we are always looking for better and faster ways to reach potential customers while reducing operational costs. That’s a tall order.

The Right Agent Tools Can Lighten The Load

For the sake of this article, we’ll assume you have discovered that more than 40% of prospective buyers find home video tours useful. You know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, second only to Google, and it is the most common destination for customers wishing to view real estate videos. Therefore, you’ve added video marketing to your tool set.

But now you have a new challenge – planning and organising the admin involved with video marketing when you are on the move and have many irons in the fire.

You’re placing orders for HD video and photos, following up on order status, collecting content, creating listings, staring at screens waiting for content up- and downloads to your website and other platforms – time and resources you should allocate to viewing new stock and finalising offers.

So, if you consider the number of agents working hard for their piece of real estate, just in your area… how can you tip the scale in your favour?

Giving awesome service as “people buy from people” will always be the best differentiator, but that means you have to be available to be awesome. You need to create time without breaking the bank as that will just defeat the object.

A digital property admin tool will make you the master of your own time again. CaptureIT is a smart, easy, cost-effective software workhorse that has been specifically developed with you, the estate agent in mind.

It helps agents to promote their listing and track and place HD video orders quicker and easier than ever before. This is how:

  • Quick and easy ordering process for HD photos and videos
  • Automated personalised branding
  • HD ranking status
  • Real-time dashboard management allowing placing and tracking of orders 24/7
  • Uploaded videos to agent YouTube Channels enabling easy sharing to other platforms

CaptureIT will save you time and money, give you peace of mind and allow you to filter out the admin clutter to maximise the potential of every rand you spend on video marketing.

For more information, contact Capture HD Media  or give us a call on 087 095 3357.

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