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You’ve put a lot of effort into the design and planning of your project, so when you make your pitch to potential investors or present it to home buyers, your presentation really needs to stand out.

This development video is meant to engage and captivate business decision-makers, but also make it feel real to potential homeowners. The story, the visuals, and the emotional impact will make a lasting impression on the audience.



The development video packs a ton of information into a short timeframe. It presents complex projects that include homes, clubhouses, offices, and retail, orienting prospects to all the uses and then highlighting potential attractive features to specific target groups.

Your company’s brand will be strengthened and defined by a development video that will project a professional and sophisticated image of your project.


  • Show location and how it fits
    Drone footage gives potential buyers a comprehensive aerial view of the entire development, in relation to points of interest, and accurately shows off areas that a standard camera might have distorted.
  • An opportunity to sell your vision
    Drone footage gives you the opportunity to tell the story behind your development. Your video can easily start at the beginning of a development, extend through the neighbourhood, and then zoom into the areas you really want to show off. Drone footage is a great way to capture both the area and the feel of the community you’re building.
  • A customised experience
    Your video is not limited to drone footage, but can be customized with interviews, location markers, points of interest, music, etc. Your potential client will not have to leave his or her desk to obtain enough detailed information to encourage a request for a viewing.
  • An increased online presence
    Your video is shareable on Facebook, increasing your online presence and reach getting more eyes onto your development without you having to pay a single extra cent. A more robust online presence can be created with our cost-effective, targeted Social Boost Service.
  • A progress update
    As we know, not everyone wants to be the first to take the plunge in planting their stake in the ground with new developments. The best way to keep potential buyers in the loop is by showing progress. After the initial shoot, follow-up progress footage until the completion of the project is ideal. This is especially beneficial to reaching initial sceptics who needed confirmation of project sustainability.

For the custom option that will suit your vision, get in touch today.


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