Promote yourself and the Big Five selling points of your listing.


You need this! Capture’s new Bullet Video!

Turn your listing video into a quick, fast and to-the-point marketing tool, promoting yourself and your listing.

The goal of the bullet video is high impact brand exposure to promote you and the major selling points of the property listing at the same time.

Your target audience will be motivated to find out more and click through to the full listing video for details on your website.

  • Promote yourself and your brand
  • Promote the Big Five selling points of the property
  • Showcase only the highlights – rooms and corridors, the views and the spaces that make the property awesome.

Our Digital Media Consultant will record a short introduction to the property and follow you through the house as you point out the 5 major selling points.

Short and fast paced, on the beat of a catchy tune – and voilà, you’ve got buyers’ attention!