Simplicity. Ease of use. Mobility.


CaptureIT is a free, smart, easy-to-use software workhorse that has been specifically developed to assist you to order, store and manage your video and high quality images in one space.

It will save you time and money, give you peace of mind and allow you to filter out the admin clutter to maximise the potential of every rand you spend on video marketing:

  • Quick and easy ordering process for HD photos and videos
  • Real-time dashboard management allowing placing and tracking of orders 24/7
  • Videos synced to your YouTube channel
  • Personalised branding
  • Search Engine Optimization


When authorising Capture HD Media to upload listing videos to agency or agent YouTube channels or websites, your information is stored to enable upload and optimisation of videos (Thumbnail, Title, Description, Tags, Upload and deleting videos as required).


How it works:
  • Sign the agreement and you’ll automatically join our CaptureIT content management system, your one-stop-shop for tracking and managing orders.
  • Check your inbox for a confirmation email. It’ll have a link to set or update your login details.
  • Already a customer? Awesome! Just use your existing CaptureIT login. Need help? Email us anytime at
  • Once logged in, you’ll see the services you’ve purchased displayed right on your dashboard.
  • Place new orders anytime you like, and check their status with a quick login.
  • We’ll shoot you an email as soon as your order is complete.
  • Download your videos and images directly from CaptureIT, and feel free to use them across all your digital channels.

Simple and straightforward!


Assisting you with uploading and optimisation of your video listings on YouTube directly impacts your productivity levels, assisting you with the administration of your marketing so you can focus on your main objective, which is sales.

For further insight on the access, use, storing and sharing of your data, in accordance with the requirements of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (“the Act”), please read our official Privacy Policy.