Traditionally there are fewer home buyers during the winter months because not many people are willing to go house hunting in cold weather. Traditionally, this meant less competition for sellers who wanted to do show houses, but the Corona pandemic has changed all that. People are now used to “shopping online” for their next home; they are used to not leaving their home comforts to house hunt.

So the internet has swept in to help everyone manage their lives more effectively. This means everyone’s competitor is just a click away, and your potential buyers are relying on an impressive online presence to judge your product or service.

Suppose you are already a video marketing believer and understand the importance of marketing your property listing with videos and high-quality images. In that case, winter presents more than one opportunity for your walkthroughs – old and new.

    Existing property listings:

    Winter is your prime time to optimise videos you’ve created in the past to land new stock and keep the momentum going.

    Add a self-recorded voice-over to an existing listing and spruce up your personal service for the viewer. For a step-by-step on how easy this works, click here Narrate the walkthrough video

      • “Just sold “is one of the best new business lead generators campaigns for real estate agents. Use social media to share videos of properties sold in specific areas, in particular price ranges – this highlights your success and establishes you as the go-to agent. 

    New property listings:

    Keep the momentum going by promoting new stock with professional video listings.

      • As the weather gets cold out, you really need to entice people to look at your “for sale” home online. So you need to ensure that your walkthrough videos are professional and easy to share online.  

    When your competitor is just a click away, and your customers rely on a website to judge a product, how professional your video listings are presented can become a “hygiene factor” in market competition moving forward.

      • According to a Global WebEx report, an entertaining experience is the third leading purchase motivator.

    So what does this have to do with your video listing? A quick return to normality will likely unleash pent-up demand back to physical open houses, but video walkthroughs and online open houses will stick around.

    The majority of consumers plan to stay online more often once the pandemic is over. But, for those craving a more entertaining and interactive experience, video helps brands elevate the online buying experience into something far more than just buying a house.

    With Capture’s HD, HD-Plus and Individual Agent Video Walkthrough Packages at set prices, there’s a scalable solution for every agent to keep selling over the slower real estate season.