Everyone in real estate knows the three ‘’L’s’’ – location, location, location! However, the norm has been disrupted with an added “L” over the past couple of years – namely lifestyle.

Life is much faster and more interconnected than 10 years ago. Consumers, especially in higher LSMs will not make the time to view 10 houses every weekend.

The marketplace therefore needs to adapt. Potential clients can still be marketed too, but it needs to happen at their time, at their convenience and with far more innovative information sharing than in the past.

Why Lifestyle Video Marketing?

Buying a home is very much an emotional purchase, so your advertising needs to not only convey information, but also inspire emotion. Enter Lifestyle Videos.

This form of marketing is vastly underutilised by the real estate industry, yet it solves many of the communication challenges that exist between realtors/buyers and sellers.
Smartphones and Wi-Fi connections enable realtors to market properties and facilitate sales to potential buyers when they wish to engage, in an environment of their choosing. This is the pivotal moment when more than five ensuite bedrooms and two sunrooms must be communicated.


Inspire While Giving The Facts

Take a look at this video of 75 Constantia Main Road, commissioned by Seeff.

The potential client is “grabbed” within the first few seconds of the video. One-fifth of all viewers click away within 10 seconds of launching a video – this means that you don’t have a lot of time to hook your audience, so it’s important to bring your A-game from the outset.

Once the setting and size of the property has been established, viewers get familiar with all the property has to offer. This eliminates the need to physically visit the space and allows investigating 10 property options in less than an hour, making an informed decision before contacting the agent.

The success of the Lifestyle Video lies in its power to help a consumer mentally move into a property. A property where they can envision having family game nights, hosting holiday gatherings and effectively building a life in a community.

The video does not only address a need – it addresses the tranquil landscape, the shopping possibilities, the outdoor life, the good schools, the prestige, the views – these are the elements that get a buyer emotionally invested and increases the likelihood of a serious enquiry.


Lifestyle Video – Share A Lot, Real Fast

Lifestyle Video Marketing is the fastest way to share a lot of information about your listed property in an easy to consume manner. And it’s not just fast, it’s emotional and believable, making it an indispensable marketing tool. By the time the enquiry is made, the lead is properly informed and really interested to option the listing as an investment.

Build your real estate empire with qualified lead generating videos – add the fourth “L”. Capture HD Media at your service.

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