You have decided to go the extra mile. You are going to market your property with a professional video for maximum exposure since studies show that video marketing increases purchase intent by more than 90%.

The filming date is booked, and you are evaluating the rooms in your home one by one… if you are not, you should.

The idea is to use video to simply explain the basic details of your property in a clear and easy to understand manner. Making a few adjustments before the shoot will ensure your home looks awesome on screen and there is no need to call in an interior decorator, it is all do-able without extra cost.


Put Your Mobile To Work

The videographer knows how to create a beautiful real estate video, but you can help with the preparation for the shoot by sending on a few images of your space beforehand. This will assist the videographer to understand your property layout beforehand and he can arrive with ideas in mind on the day.


Clean Up

This may seem obvious, but we are not only referring to locking the toys away. Video does not lie, so the carpets needs to be vacuumed and the windows and glass doors free of fingerprint smudges. Hard surfaces need a lick of polish to ensure no rising dust specks when the sun beams light up the surface.

  • And remember to move the pet beds and litter boxes out of sight!
  • Remote controls in the cupboard or in a neat row at the TV.
  • Coffee tables with minimal goodies on top.
  • Kitchen surfaces empty – your heap of accounts and to-do-list away away… and displaying all appliances you own will not show off the roomy cupboard spaces.
  • Bathroom – bag the shampoos, creams, make-up, toothpaste and rubber ducks.

If you run out of space to “hide” anything – your vehicle is a good storage option – not your tumble dryer.


The Best Possible Lighting

To achieve a polished and professional-looking video tour of your home, lighting is one of the most important elements.

A dark space is not an option. Let natural light welcome your potential buyer into every room as far as possible – dark spaces appear smaller and bright ones bigger. Open the curtains or let rich natural light filter through light-colored thin curtains to get a soft glow. Prospective homebuyers want to see bright and sunny rooms.

Fluorescent lights and many LED lights have a blue tint due to their colour temperature, which tends to make things look hard and cold versus soft and inviting. If you have fluorescent or LED lights in your home (many energy-saving varieties will fall into this category), turn these off for the filming and rely as much as possible on warm-white and natural lighting.

If the natural light is overpowering in some instances, don’t stress, switch on your lamps. If you can angle them, illuminate back walls, doorways, stairways, seating areas and artwork. Then stand back and check for any harsh shadows and tweak the lamp angles.

Last tip on lighting – make sure no bulbs are flickering!


Subtle Extra Showcase Touches

Set the table

Stage your dining room table for a nice meal to encourage buyers to imagine what it would be like to entertain in the house. Your “best china” and a neutral tablecloth with matching napkins will help with the visualisation.

Enhance the outside appeal

Trim the lawn, weed the beds and prune the shrubs. These small landscaping tasks make a world of difference to your home’s first impression. And don’t forget to arrange the outside furniture with a cocktail on the table – your prospective buyer can then imagine sundowners on the patio for a few moments of solitude while enjoying the view.

Warm it up

A bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter and fresh flowers in the living room will add that spark of colour.

Use the number three

Whether it is figurines on a shelf, pillows or candles, arrange them in groups of three – experts say it is more appealing to the eye.

A few simple preparations can make a big difference in the quality and outcome of your real estate video and turn your home into a showcase property.

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