For years, brands have tied marketing campaigns to high-profile sporting events, capitalising on the millions of viewers who tune in to watch.

Major sports events present great opportunities because viewers are already “tuned in”. All you have to do is figure out a way to connect with them.

At the end of the day, sport is all about emotions, and so is video marketing. Being able to address those emotions can be what tips the balance in your brand’s favour. With creative video content you can craft a link between your product or service and the hype around sport.

So how do you take your brand to centre court with strawberries and cream, champagne, raincoats and umbrellas? How do you target the armchair soccer fan?

According to Hyundai’s UK marketing director: “Football fans will watch any content so long as it’s good – they don’t care who it’s by”.

Your brand video should therefore represent a credible and compelling reason to associate your business with the sporting event – rather than a typical “jumping on a bandwagon” approach.

Find a brand sports theme

Connect your brand video with a theme/emotion the sports fan is already experiencing:

  • Winning or triumphing
  • Overcoming an obstacle
  • The thrill of victory
  • The agony of defeat
  • Celebration

Sports fans are engaged, social and interactive. With video marketing you can build a personal connection with this audience, zooming in on the emotional reaction you want associated with your service offering.

  • Focus on making viewers look as cool as possible.
  • Inspire sport fans and new customers to participate in the outdoor lifestyle your product or service promotes.
  • Appeal to viewers sense of “glam”.
  • Tap into the human drama aspect, the underdog fighting his way to the top, the professional athlete’s tremendous sacrifices.
  • Address the community aspect – people coming together to participate in something greater than themselves.

If your product or service can be used by athletes, demonstrate that. If your product or service can be used by fans on game days, highlight that. If your product or services can be enjoyed after the event, show that.

But be sure your video feels authentic and where possible emphasises your appreciation for the sport.

Find a specific brand message

  • Persuade the customer to try a new product/service.
  • Inform the customer about new or special features of an existing product/service.
  • Create a new attitude about an existing product/service.
  • Broaden awareness of a product/service.

All great video marketers push beyond perceived barriers by understanding customers, knowing products, and then combining creativity and technology to provide valuable recommendations and experiences.

Activating and producing your video marketing around the passion points of a World Cup Soccer, Wimbledon or Golf Open Championship event, is easier than you think, and you don’t need a big budget.

Find your sports connection and call us to capture your brand on video – Shoot and Score!

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