As much as the internet has enabled guest houses to market themselves, getting noticed amongst the sea of potential venues is an online marketing challenge. So, the question is – how do you get noticed?

Take a look at the accompanying video of a Hermanus Guest House in the Western Cape, South Africa.
Not only do you see and hear what the venue has to offer, the video creates an atmosphere and conveys the ‘’vibe’’ of both the guest house and the town where it is situated.

Viewers can experience what a holiday in this location would be like. Anticipation of the full experience is created and therefore makes it easier for the potential traveler to click the book button.


Stages Of Travel

Deciding to travel usually involves several stages:

  1. is travelling worth the money and time it will cost?
  2. where to travel and what kind of trip will it be?
  3. where to stay?
  4. what activities to participate in when you get there?
  • Reaching your market at one or all these stages is the key. With a video promoting your guest house you can create inspiring content – tell a story – from the word go making it worth the money, even before the price tag is known.
  • Your marketing video gives an overview of the location, putting the traveler inside the environment, regardless of the purpose of the trip.
  • With a comprehensive video relaying the facts as an experience, the “where to stay” decision is influenced as it may trigger the need to come back to your guest house after a hard business day.
  • Your video can entice the traveler to stay longer or bring family members with on a business trip since there is so much more to your guest house experience than a place to lay down your head after hectic meetings all day long.


Guest House Marketing

The personal experience has much power and influence on travel decision-making stages. A desire to experience the venue is created – no press release or static image can measure up.

  • Embrace the human factor – a traveler watching someone getting a relaxing massage at your spa, for instance, will experience a similar feeling… a feeling of actually being there.
  • As the owner, it is good to take center stage explaining the culture and history of both your guest house and the area.
  • Past guests giving input, acting as your personal brand ambassadors, spread the word and gives credibility to your offering.
  • Highlight and give insight about amenities, but your video is not necessarily the place to give the full run-down. This kind of information is best presented as a list in text on your website booking space.


Video Marketing Is Needed to Reach Business Potential

People watch videos throughout the travel booking decision-making process. In fact, 35% of leisure travelers and 56% of business travelers engaged in travel-related video activities.

To not tap into this market is directly giving way to unrealised bookings. Today’s traveler is therefore driving this trend and it is set to continue in the next decade.

Your guest house business must reach your potential customers where they are, and it is therefore imperative that video is added to the online marketing mix to reach full potential.

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