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This Winter, Keep Your Listings Top
of Mind and Your Expertise Visible

Utilise the quieter months to create compelling content

that can be rolled out throughout the year.

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WOW!!!!!! These are stunning photos and the video is fantastic!! So appreciated, thank you very much!!

From the moment of booking a photo shoot, right through to taking the photos and video and now the delivery of the actual photos and video, it was just exceptional service all the way.

My thanks and gratitude to everyone involved in fulfilling this brief. I wanted exciting. I got that. I wanted Different. I wanted Brilliant. Boy did I get that!

Keep Your Brand Top Of Mind During The Quieter Months

Enhance your online presence, keep your brand top of mind during the quieter months, and prepare to hit the ground running when the market picks up.

Prepare For The Busy Season

Utilise the quieter months to create compelling content that can be rolled out throughout the year. When the market picks up, you’ll have a suite of promotional materials ready to attract sellers and buyers right when they are most active.

Winter Content Strategy Details

    Neighbourhood Video Content Strategy:

    Become the go-to agent in your preferred neighbourhoods with tailored video content for the areas you want to work in – what to expect from buying and what to expect from selling in that specific neighbourhood. All the fun things that you can do. What are the restaurants in the area, and what are the schools like? This is how you go from the Everyday Agent to the GO TO Neighbourhood Agent.

    When people think of buying, they think of buying in a specific neighbourhood. So if you start creating content about a specific neighbourhood, when they start searching online, you are going to show up – that is how Google Analytics works. Be sure to showcase those videos on YouTube as well to “get” more SEO.


    Community Videos:

    Capture the essence of the local community with videos that highlight the area’s lifestyle – videos that have nothing to do with the housing market but everything that has to do with the local community. This approach positions you as a community expert, not just a real estate agent. Feature new restaurants, parks, and events to give potential buyers a taste of what living in the area is really like. These community-focused videos are perfect for building a local following and slowly enhancing your reputation as the agent – you will get referrals from strangers because people have “seen your content”.


    Behind-The-Scenes Content:

    People love real estate shows because they offer a peek into the real estate world, which many find fascinating. Create content that shows a “day in the life” of your agency or your agents. Highlight the hard work that goes into each sale and the unique expertise your team brings to the table. This type of content helps build a personal connection with your audience, showcasing the benefits of working with your professionals.


    Educational Content:

    No matter where or when – there’s a good chance that you will get a client that’s never bought or sold a home. Newsflash – even if they have, they still need more information. When you create a video addressing specific pain points like – what to expect as a first-time buyer or seller – you will attract many more leads, which can turn into potential buyers because they already trust you before they’ve even met you because you’ve given them so much content, so much help – so much value – not just selling.

    Now imagine the power of your next Social post

    Access Tools And Services That Enable You

    Text: While our internal aim is to enhance our service offerings, your primary goal is to create captivating content that positions you as the go-to expert in your area. By partnering with Capture HD Media, you access tools and services that enable you to produce high-quality, memorable media. This not only differentiates you from the competition but also makes you the first person potential buyers think of when researching a move to your area.

    This winter, let’s work together to keep your listings top of mind and your expertise visible, ensuring that when clients are ready to make a move, you’re their first call.

    Embrace technology, celebrate your personal brand, and watch as your portfolio of sole mandates grows.