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This work is outstanding!!! I was so worried about the house being dark because it is a closed-in kind of home, but the shots and editing are fabulous. Thank you!

I particularly enjoy the work on the videos, especially the excellent guidance and direction provided by the videographer during the shoot.

I want to compliment you on excellent photos and video for my listing. I have not seen such awesome photography in a long time. So much effort – I really appreciate it.

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This winter, Capture HD Media invites you to boost your real estate business by embracing cutting-edge technology and enhancing your personal brand. Our comprehensive video and digital content solutions are designed to ensure that you stay competitive and effective, even in the quieter winter months.

Why Embrace Technology?

In the real estate sector, technologies like virtual property tours, automated valuation models, and AI-driven customer service can give the impression that the role of a human agent might diminish. The fear that AI might replace the role of property practitioners is understandable, but we believe that AI and other technological tools are here to augment your capabilities, not replace them.

While AI can enhance efficiency and provide valuable tools, it typically cannot replace the personal touch, deep local knowledge, negotiation skills, and human judgment that experienced real estate agents like you bring to their clients.

The personal connections you establish with sellers and buyers are irreplaceable and form the core of your success.

Our services are designed to celebrate and enhance these connections, making you indispensable and ensuring that your properties get the visibility they deserve.

Winter Package Details

​Leverage our winter package to make your properties stand out with the following offerings, all delivered within 48 hours of the shoot to capitalise on the critical need for speed in the market:

Starting number of properties = 5/m, including:

  • HD Video Tours: Showcase every detail of your listings with high-definition clarity.
  • HD Photos: Capture the beauty of your properties in stunning detail.
  • Aerial Footage: Offer a unique perspective with breathtaking elevated shots.
  • Intro to Video: Personalize your presentations to connect instantly with viewers.
  • Video Thumbnail: Create enticing visuals that grab attention online.
  • Social Boost: A two-week targeted campaign across multiple platforms to maximize exposure.


Optimised for Social Media and SEO:

  • Squizz Video: Quick, easily shareable video snippets perfect for social media.
  • SEO-Friendly Descriptions: Utilise AI like ChatGPT to craft compelling property descriptions optimized for search engines. Customise these for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. We will also manage the posting to your YouTube channel, ensuring your content reaches your audience swiftly and effectively.
  • Property Listing Integration: Get your properties listed on major platforms like P24 and Private Property, enhancing visibility and attracting more potential buyers.

Now is the time to boost your revenue. By providing high-quality, fast-turnaround media services, we enable you to secure more sole mandates from sellers impressed by your proactive and professional marketing approach.

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Engage more effectively with clients, and secure those all-important sole mandates with our expertly crafted media solutions.

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