HD Walkthrough Marketing Video and Photos

A cost effective, scalable marketing solution

If your focus is volume, cost effectiveness and quick turnaround times, then this video marketing product is for you. The Walkthrough Video is produced in such a way that it communicates the flow and layout of a property to the potential customer.

If you are a Real Estate Professional working long and difficult hours to sell property, you should strongly consider this option. While you are giving your undivided attention to the selling and sourcing of properties, Capture will take care of the digital content. i.e. while we do our job you can focus on bringing in your next mandate.

We use a High Definition Video Camera with a built-in stabilizer - technology that allow us to move creatively, but fast, through any space and still deliver a high quality product.

Added aerial footage is another aspect to consider for a multi-touch, nurture-based marketing tool, reaching deep into the potential buyers emotional triggers.

Included in this Walk Through Video offering, are 24 High Definition edited photos.

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Marketing Video

Real Estate - House Video – Somerset West

Marketing Photos

Majestic Somerset West home Majestic Somerset West home back view Majestic Somerset West home side view Majestic home with pool in Somerset West countryside Somerset West home stunning mountain views Somerset West home bar area with ambience Somerset West home bedroom with vineyard views Somerset West home luxurious bathroom with vineyard views Somerset West home cosy lounge Vineyards behind majestic Somerset West home Somerset West home sunset views Sun flooding into dream kitchen of Somerset West home Somerset West home open plan living area

Why Video?

As you would expect, the engaging nature, quality and content of the High End Video provides improved marketing campaign performance. The statistics are everywhere: video will soon account for 79% of all consumer internet traffic and YouTube is currently the second-largest search engine in the world.

Video is easy to share, user friendly and does not have a shelf life, it is accessible 24/7.

Research shows that content engagement definitely increases with video marketing. If you promote your business with video on your website, users are likely to stay longer - 88% longer, in fact. The longer a user stays, the more likely they are to translate into a formal lead. Websites that include relevant video improve search engine rankings - Google loves video almost as much as consumers do!

Done well, video is extremely powerful – nothing else gives the same rich and all-consuming brand impact.

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