VR Marketing in Action

Your event venue has everything – the perfect location, impressive amenities and staff that consistently exceed the expectations of your guests. However, you still struggle to keep your venue rented all year round.

You need a solution that will cut through the highly competitive and crowded marketplace – an engaging, compelling marketing tool.

VR to the rescue! VR aligns with a creative marketing approach bringing your venue to life in new ways – a 360-degree view giving the viewer an understanding of the venue in the context of its location.

Viewers can see what life is like within the walls of the facility, the reception, the dining room, the dancefloor and the bathrooms. The service and demeanor of your staff can be captured, bringing the “personality” of your venue to life.

The VR experience therefore gives viewers an immerse way of touring the venue and viewing its members, offering a unique opportunity to witness the full scale and appeal of your space, while being in the center of the experience.

The VR Marketing reality

  • Studies have shown that people who watch VR promotional material felt more positive towards the “product” compared to those just reading information on a website. Google actually reports that prospects are twice as likely to have interest in booking a reservation if they view a listing with a virtual tour.
  • VR gives viewers the experience of the venue before committing to travel there. This makes it the ultimate marketing and sales tool – a true motivator to take action and visit /book your venue because they truly understand what it has to offer.
  • VR also saves event planner partners time and money by allowing them to create a shortlist of what is needed without physically visiting your site. Virtual tours communicate your physical spaces and deliver the experience of those spaces to anyone with a computer screen.
  • It is an added promotional tool for event planners – by capturing previous events in VR, organisers can better market to potential event attendees, speakers and sponsors in ways that still photos just cannot accomplish.

You are not telling consumers what they could have but instead, you are letting them experience it. The layering of information within the VR experience offers the most complete and informative content possible in an interactive manner. Key features can be promoted with interactive tags as users can navigate in and out of rooms and spaces.

When considering a VR partner, what should you look for?

Venue marketers considering VR must identify appropriate partners to create that vivid experience for viewers.

  • Work with experienced and highly capable production companies who understand not just the medium, but the user experience that accompanies VR.
  • Credible technology – Capture uses the Matterport Scanner which is considered the “Best Commercial Available” Virtual Tour system in the world. Unlike normal 360° Images and Panorama images, the Matterport Scanner creates a depth map of the facility being scanned. The system is much more superior than traditional methods of creating virtual tours with a camera only.

Results of Matterport Technology Case Study

Kapow: Corporate Events Platform

  • 4.5 x more time spent on website
  • 2 x more pageviews
  • Increased web engagement and conversions to bookings

Are you still holding out for the best possible experience of your venue? Or are you somewhere in between? Capture is here to guide you through all your VR marketing options.

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