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Capture has a national footprint producing 1800 videos per month. Our videos are unique, scalable, high-end marketing tools for the discerning marketer who wants to be in a front-runner position. Research shows that marketers who use video grow their revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.

We’re a passionate group of people who love what we do. Our job is to bring you closer to a real-life viewing experience by applying photography and videography skills obtained over many years of experience. We produce videos that make a long-lasting impact.

Producing quality products is important, but to us, customer experience is fundamental. We literally go the extra mile for our customers. Our Digital Media Consultants drive more than 50,000km each month, more than the circumference of the Earth, servicing our National Customer Base.

Let’s help you to connect to the heart of your customer – that sweet spot where buying decisions are made.

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Industries: Real Estate | Hospitality | Agriculture | Commercial

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